Uncommon Yashoda Wimaladharma Photoshoot

She never dreamt of becoming an actress, let alone such a successful one! If not for her uncle, director Bandula Withanage, Yashoda may have followed an academic path like her parents and sister.

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Withanage invited her to take part in a 12-episode teledrama called ‘Atta Bindei’ in 1985. Encouraged by her father, but only 15 years old and with no prior experience or training in acting, she took the role.

Her father saw her talent and felt she should continue with acting alongside her studies. She recounts a time during her A-levels when she had to sit an exam in the morning, go for rehearsals in the evening and have film shoots the next day! Yashoda’s life changed drastically after that and at first, she found the fame difficult to handle, being the reserved person she was, but her family’s support helped her get through the stressful times.

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